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Jungian Analyst and Clinical Psychologist

Psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis


A Creative Approach to Psychotherapy & Jungian Analysis

“Individuation, therefore, can only mean a process of psychological development that fulfills the individual qualities given; in other words, it is a process by which a man becomes the definite, unique being he in fact is.” (C. G. Jung, Collected Works, volume 7, para. 267)

Adult Psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis 

My practice of psychotherapy and Jungian analysis begins by creating a safe and non-judgmental space that is collaborative and interactive. We may talk about such things as relationships, career, school, transitions, addiction, body image, sexuality, illness, grief, depression, anxiety and trauma to help work through these challenging issues. We work towards getting at the roots to what is causing problems for you, as well as coming up with practical ways for you to address these issues in your life circumstances. I work with patients of diverse backgrounds in both short term and long term psychotherapy, depending on your needs and interest. 

A guiding principle in my practice is what C. G. Jung refers to as the process of "individuation." This is the process of becoming one's true self, or the "definite, unique being" that you are. As we grow up as children into adulthood, we can be deeply affected by problematic family dynamics, difficult peer relations, cultural and social norms, and other relational dynamics that do not work for us. This can contribute to you feeling alienated or disconnected from your true self. This can lead to an array of symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and addiction. In our work together, we will aim to process and integrate the developmental issues that have led to repetitive patterns that are problematic  for you. This process can assist us in uncovering and discovering more of who you are, so you can experience a more cohesive and creative sense of self. At the same time, we do not live in isolation as we live within a familial, social and collective matrix. We will explore that which is most essential for your own psycho-spiritual development in relationship to yourself and in your relationships with others.

We may at times engage with your dreams or other imaginal methods, according to the interest of the person with whom I am working. These methods are pathways to connect with your unconscious material and are valuable tools which can assist us in our work together. I aim to meet you where you are, and to help you make changes so you can live a more satisfying and meaningful life. 

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